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“Who am I?!” Cries Old School

Washington Campus Building Seeks Counseling for Identity Crisis

District officials announced this week, that the Washington Campus building has entered an intensive in-patient counseling center for treatment of a severe identity crisis and associated anxiety issues.  Psychiatric experts say the 465-year-old building deserves the long-needed rest and professional care.

Sources attribute the building’s lack of self-esteem to several different factors.  Major contributors include the large number of conflicting signs and names that adorn the outside of the building.  Depending on where you enter, you may think you are in the Ninth Grade Center, or Washington Campus, or even East High School.

“You’d think they’d just give me one name and be done with it, like any normal school building,” the architecture was overheard muttering to itself.  “I’m here every day, I try my best, but nobody seems to appreciate the fact that I’m even still standing.  Does it take an earthquake to get some respect around here?”

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