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In Loving Memory Of Rosie Rodriguez

A year has passed by
And yet I still ask myself “Why?”
It seems nothing but a dream
I will always remember how you would
Look back & smile at me.
I still have the image of you in my head
Just laying there
Without a smile for you to share
My tears, my pain, sorrow;
I let them out that heartbreaking day
But it was something I had to learn how to swallow
You have no idea how badly I wanted
To kiss your hand
Now I want to go back & wish I had
As I watched you being taken away
In the room where your body was
I was the last to remain
I wasn’t ready to leave
Memories & images of you were
Crashing against me
When I look up at the sky
I search for the star that shines bright
I close my eyes & believe it’s you
All of my fears, thoughts, and pain
Slowly start to wash away
I try to convince myself that you’re gone
But I know you’re still with me
And I believe I’m not alone
I hate how we live to die,
But only God knows why
Your smile,
Your eyes,
Just simply the way you faced life
Made everybody love you more
That’s what makes it so hard to let you go
There’s something that I’ve kept unsaid
Goodbye isn’t forever until we meet again.
I Love You, Rosie.

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