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The Students Most likely …

The Dog Times informally surveyed seniors at both campuses to find out how they felt about their fellow classmates. Take these predictions light-heartedly…

Who will still live with their parents at the age of thirty?
Zach M./Alexandra A.(3

Who will run away with a band as a groupie?
Hennessy Z./Megan C.

Who will impersonate a federal agent?
Donville J./Carlos F.

Who will  take over the world?
Valerie T./ Markise J.

Who will rob a bank and get away with it?
Ashley B./Daniel Y.

Who will work for a future president?
Joanna G./Luis T.

Who will  join the peace corps or become a Red cross aid worker?
Julio G./Nia D.

Who will run away and join the circus?
Emily B./Diego J.

Who will travel around the world in eighty days or less?
Benjamin D./Yesenia R.

Who will discover or be abducted by a ufo?
Aaron J./Anthony T.

Who will be the next American Idol?
Tre S./ Breeanna C.

Who will invent the next big thing?
Emily V./Zach M.

Who will discover the next cure to a deadly disease?
Sally L.

Who will be the next Famous Art thief?
Cynthia N.

Who will start the next major Ponzi Scheme?
Jasmine S.

Who will become a United Nations diplomat?
Catherine J.

Who will write the next amazing book series?
Jonathon T./Miriam G.

Who will be the one walk the red carpet?
Quincy J./Andres C.

Who will become the next hostage in a foreign country?
Sally L./ David B.

Who will become a teacher or a principal of WHS?
Victor C./Julio G.

Who will be the next Picasso or Warhol of Waukegan?
Clarrise B.

Who will be the next Langston Hughes or Emily Dickenson?
Miriam G./ Payton S.

Who will become a millionaire by the age of twenty-five?
Yesenia R.

Who will become the next president?
Markise J.

Who will become the next Miss USA or Miss Universe?
Nicole K.

Who will be the next USA Olympic team member?
Luis M./Raheem M.

Who will become a Chippendale dancer?
Adilio H./Manny V.

Who will  go pro within the next ten years? (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS,FML)
Matt W./Aaron J./

Who will be the next Actor or Actress on the big screen?
Sara B.

Who will become a decorated military officer?
Drew S./Mimi C.

Who will use the most cheesy pick up lines and still get the guy or girl?
Ajan C./Mackenzie M./

Who will become the next youtube celebrity?
Romeo J./Edgar O.

Who will be the cause of the next revolution?
Arturo G.

Who will come up with a way for mankind to live forever?
David B./ Dennis Y.

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