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This is A Disaster!

You should have thought twice about all those times you skipped.

Remember when you were a little freshman back in 2007? I bet you said to yourself, “Golly Gee! I can’t wait for my senior prom!” You probably got ideas on how you would do your hair, what kind of dress you wanted or what kind of tuxedo…. But I bet you didn’t know that it would be a privilege for you to go, right?

If you once dreamt about going to prom, your dreams are now crushed!  Sorry guys, but you won’t be able to see how you look in a tuxedo and show off your hot date. For you ladies: it’s time for you to say goodbye to that gorgeous dress you saw that one time you were window shopping, those accessories and shoes…. Ohhh girl, too bad. Ever thought of going with a date? Now I know you two probably sat down and had a few conversations about prom and imagined all these comments you would get all night. Am I right, or am I right? Everybody has a huge imagination; but it’s about that time to snap out of it!  No more “ooh’s, ahh’s and awe’s” sucks now, doesn’t it? In order to attend prom, you need 90% of attendance, not more than 3 days out-of-school suspension, and you need to be passing 75% of your classes. Are you able to attend prom?

Attendance does reflect on the kind of person you are. It’s all about being responsible, and not backing down just because it’s your senior year. Good attendance shows that you care about school enough that you’re here everyday. You show off your hardworking skills, and don’t let anything get in your way–unlike others who decide to skip school because they are “too cool.”  Now they’ll be the same ones asking you, “So how was prom?”  Those who actually attend school, show that they have high expectations for themselves. Not only do they know they can make it, but they keep on trying in order to succeed at the finish line. If you’re completely lost about what I am referring to, I mean they’re the ones who will be crossing the stage at graduation.

All those years of waiting for your senior prom got you nowhere.  While you’re in bed, your friends are going to be busy getting all dolled up and handsome. You’ll be stuck in your pajamas, with morning breath, and Good Morning America. I would hate to be in your position. You should have thought twice about all those times you skipped.

As much as one might hate school, education sure is a major priority and not something to turn away from. Thought you were “too cool” not doing your homework? All those times you were trying to pull off that “bad boy/girl” image to impress somebody, it just made you look dumb. You weren’t grabbing their attention; they actually wanted somebody who cares.  Why? That way, you could both go to prom together.  Looks like he/she is going with someone else to prom because of your mistakes. Now you’re mad at the world …. Too bad you can’t re-do your 2010-2011 senior year. Tsk tsk.

The day after Prom, you’re going to log into your Facebook account, and see all the Prom pictures uploaded. You’re going to start being nosey and look at the experience they all had. You’ll see how much fun they had without you. Hmm, in the end it’ll look like it was better for you to just stay home and not attend.  Why? Because that’s how life is, and there are just certain things you miss out on while people enjoy themselves not knowing you weren’t even there. There are a few events that go on your senior year that you expected to attend, and not miss out on–like the Waukegan High School Prom or games or Homecoming, or crossing that stage. But you had to leave with a bang.  At least you know where that gets you now.

“There’s a big world out there. Bigger than prom, bigger than high school… Find out who you are and try not to be afraid of it.” –Author Unknown.

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