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6:00 am is what it says on the clock

6:00 am is what it says on the clock.
Got to get some food and walk out the door.
Walking around in the same old school halls.
Go sit in a class to see what’s in store.
Volleyball makes the first quarter go fast.
Next thing you know we’re already on break.
Study for Finals, instead of relax.
Just thinking about how long this will take.
Finally Spring, with good weather ahead.
Varsity Softball is my last sport here.
Prom in May, then we’re close to graduation.
Our turn on Weiss Field–let’s give a cheer.
This year has been fun, but new life starts now.
After grad parties, it’s time to say “bye.”
School year starts–we’re all freshmen in college.
Party with my cousins at U of I.

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