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Teacher Wins Big

I interviewed Jeffrey Schmidt, about a trip that he took over Spring Break. I was interested in talking to him because he was on TV!  Mr. Schmidt has taught Health and Special Education here at Waukegan High School for several years. Over break, Mr. Schmidt went to Los Angeles, California, for a chance to appear on the game show, The Price Is Right, and on March 28, 2011 he appeared as a contestant–and won!  “This is a show that I have watched ever since I was a little kid,” he said about his choice of the show.  To get on The Price Is Right in the first place, he said that, “First I got the ticket for the audience online, and then I had to wait in line at 4 in the morning.  The show started at 12:30pm.  Next, I had to be interviewed by one of the producers.  I made my own t-shirt to better my odds for getting a spot as a contestant on the show.”  Is he excited about the show airing?  “I am ecstatic about it being on!” He continued, “I was surprising calm,” and would do it all over again. What did he gain from doing the show?   “I’m going to be on TV, and I won $4,000 and a trip to go back to California,” said Mr. Schmidt.  There were eight other contestants who competed against Mr. Schmidt, whose fiancée was there to support him while he was on the show.  “Everybody was screaming and hollering, it was very cool,” said Mr. Schmidt.   I asked him if he got to spin the big wheel at all, and he said, “Yes I did!  Got $0.80 but lost.”  Now he’s looking forward to receiving his prize in the mail.  During the interview with Mr. Schmidt, I could tell that he was very excited to tell me about his prize trip. The episode is 5531K on The Price Is Right website.   Go to it and check out one of your teachers at WHS on TV!

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