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“We Made It!”

Graduating Senior Breeanna Cannon made the following remarks to those gathered for the WHS Commencement ceremony:

Congratulations class of 2011, and thanks to every teacher so very much for encouraging us not to give up, and not to become high school dropouts.

We made it!  We all knew that this day would come, but it seems to have occurred so soon. I know that each graduate is sitting in their chair right now reminiscing on their lives so far.

We each have our own story. By story, I mean that we each have different lives and have taken different paths which have all led us to where we are now. Waukegan High School has been a major stop on our routes to graduation.

We have such an amazing school and some of the best teachers. Most people think that a school is excellent because of money or because it looks good on paper, but Waukegan High School is a great school because the people here actually care about each other. We have been offered help and support morally and academically by many adults since our freshman year. Waukegan is a part of each and every one of us.  As you all are pondering what life outside of high school will be like, you should know that where you’ve come from has enhanced your ability to go wherever you want to go!

Today is a great day, yet, of course, we are all sad because we are leaving our past behind. That is totally natural. I can remember back to my freshman year, going to poms practice and choir concerts, thinking high school was so fun.  I can also remember eighth grade graduation, all of the students were hugging and crying, wondering what was going to happen to us. Yet, just as I remember now, I will always remember, and so will you. Every special moment you’ve had with your best friend, first love, or favorite teacher will forever be stored in your brains.

So let’s celebrate Seniors and thank all of the leaders who have helped us on the way!  We have gone out with a bang.  We made it!

My name is Breeanna Elise Cannon and I am proud to have been a student at Waukegan High School!

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