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TRANSFER: A write-it-yourself novella…

When you start a school year, you always wonder who you are going to meet, what problems you’re going to face, you never really know what’s going to happen… Here’s your chance to be in control:  after you read chapter one of our novel, let us know what you think happens next….
The final bell for first period rang. It was the first day of the new school year and already people wanted to be back at home in the familiar comfort of their beds. Students marched lazily to their classes while teachers tried to quiet them down and get them seated. Aurora and Lulu were just some of the stragglers left out in the hallway, their book bags dragged across the floor as they shuffled down the hall. They had met in kindergarten and had been best friends ever since.
“What class do you have now?” Lulu asked.
“Um… history in 401 with Mr.Linky” Aurora said grudgingly.
“I heard he’s really mean and he never accepts late assignments. Good luck!” she winked and opened the door to her own classroom, leaving Aurora to walk the halls alone.
Now alone, Aurora wandered around until she found her class. She knocked and Mr.Linky swung the door open, an irritated look already plastered on his face. He ushered her into the room and she took the last available seat in the back.  The desk threatened to collapse under the weight of her bag and creaked loudly as she sat down. However, she considered it the best seat possible for one reason: the desk directly in front of her was occupied by Aiden Nero, the guy she’d been crushing on since the last week of school. Now that summer was over, she could finally see him again. She stared at the back of his head, too afraid to actually say anything to him. He had long black hair that hung in his eyes so she could never tell what color his eyes were. Aiden shifted in his seat and her heart skipped a beat.
“What are you staring at?” his eyes bore into hers.
“Oh um… I guess I just blanked out.” Aurora blushed.
“Well, when you’re done spacing, do you think you could lend me a pen?” he said impatiently.
“Here you go.” She averted her eyes and passed him her pen.
He turned back to the front as the teacher told everyone to start filling out the papers that were being passed out. Aurora searched through her bag for another pen but to her chagrin came up empty-handed.
“Did you not bring a pen Ms.Zellman?  It’s a shame for you to be so ill-prepared, and on the very first day of school, too! What a shame.” Mr. Linky shook his head with disappointment as he handed her a pencil.
Aurora hated when people called her by her last name, especially when teachers did it. The class spent the rest of the period filling out mind-numbing paperwork until the bell rang. Aiden shot up from his desk and was out the door before anyone else even had their backpack on.  Aurora dragged herself to her next class, literature, which luckily she had with Lulu. She dropped into the desk next to her and rested her head on the table.
“What’s up Aurora?” Lulu asked.
“I’m such an idiot Lu. Aiden sat right in front of me in history and I didn’t even have the guts to say ‘Hi,’ I totally just sat there like a creep staring at him.”  She buried her face in her hands, “I’m so hopeless.”
“No you’re not! Just you wait, he’s totally going to fall for you ,and then you’re going to run off and get secretly married despite everyone telling you guys that you’re too young!  Of course, I’ll be your Maid of Honor,” she smiled brightly.
“You’ve thought about this way too much, you know,” Aurora laughed.
“Oh my gosh, look who just walked in!” Lulu pointed towards the door.
Aiden appeared in the doorway and walked across the classroom to a desk near the windows without a single glance in her direction.  They were separated by five rows of desks but Lulu was determined to help her friend out.
“Hey, Aiden, can you come here for a sec please?” She shouted across the room.  He carefully got up from his seat and walked over to them.
“Yeah, what do you want?”  he
glowered down at them.
“We were wondering if you wanted to sit next to us.”
“I guess I have no choice now that my seat is taken.”  Someone had taken his unoccupied desk while he was walking over to them. He sat down behind Aurora without saying a word.
“Was your nose bleeding Aiden? You’ve got blood on your mouth. Here, let me help you,” Aurora tried to wipe his mouth but he jerked away.
“Don’t touch me!” he seethed.
The class was dead silent and all eyes were on Aiden and Aurora. Her eyes started to swell with tears, and for just a moment it looked as though he was going to beg for forgiveness, but instead his expression hardened once again and he left the room…
So what do you think
happened next?

Send us your questions, comments or suggestions for our story then read what happens next month. Send all advice and comments to:   We need your input to make this story interactive… All suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

Olivia Wollmuth, Brookside junior

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