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TRANSFER: A Do-it-Yourself Novella

Chapter 2 continued…

As you may have read in the October Issue of The Dog Times…

In the last chapter of Transfer, Aurora had just started her first day of a new school year and already had managed to make her  dreamy crush, Aiden Nero, storm out of class leaving her on the brink of tears.  She finished the rest of her classes without getting a chance to talk to him.  So much for the first day of school….

“Do you think he really hates me, Lu?  It seemed like he wanted to kill me back in the classroom,” Aurora whimpered into her cell phone. It was already past the usual time that she went to bed, but she couldn’t go to sleep with Aiden running through her mind.

“I’m sure it’s nothing.  Besides you know how the first day of school is, everyone is stressed and bummed out.  He was probably just in a weird mood,” Lulu chirped.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, goodnight.” Aurora tossed and turned in her bed, still unable to drift off into a much simpler dream.

The day’s events replayed in her head over and over again, and each time she got to the climax, her stomach flopped around like a fish.  When she woke up, her alarm was blaring from her nightstand.  She could’ve sworn she’d just gotten off the phone a couple minutes before.  Aurora stumbled over to her mirror but didn’t recognize what she saw at first.  A hideous red-eyed monster blinked back at her.  It was wearing her pajamas, and even had her hair.  There was a knock at her bedroom door and her mom poked her head through the crack.

“Hey, Aurora I was just wondering if you needed a ride to school.  Oh my, what happened to your face?!” she threw the door the rest of the way open and walked in.  “You must be having an allergic reaction to something, you’re eyes are so swollen!”

Aurora tried to tell her mother that she wasn’t having a reaction, but she also couldn’t just tell her that she’d been crying in her sleep, that would sound stupid.  In the end, her mom forced her back into her bed with a spoonful of medicine.  The very last thing she needed was to spend a day alone with her tormenting thoughts.  She needed to apologize to Aiden for upsetting him.  She could still make it to school if she played her cards right.  But just how was she going to do that with her mom hovering over her?

Want to find out what happens next? Here is part 2:

Aurora rushed back to her mirror and started to fix the revolting mess around her eyes.  When she’d finished, she looked somewhat normal again.  Taking only a moment to admire her work, she rushed into the closet.  She threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt, hoping they were clean. Her mom marched back into the room with a thermometer.

“What are you doing?!” she barked.

“I’m fine see? My eyes went back to normal, it must’ve been the morning air or something. Have you seen my shoes mom?”  Aurora dove under her bed to search of her missing shoes.

“I don’t know about this, I’d really feel better if you stayed home today.”

“Nope they’re not down here either…  Mom it’s only the second day of school and you want to keep me home.  I might miss something important.”

“Alright, fine. But you do realize that you only have a half an hour to get there, right?”

“Oh my gosh!!”  Aurora slipped on her shoes, grabbed her backpack, and ran out the front door.

Her mom’s car pulled up to the front of the school and Aurora leapt out, running for the main entrance. She ran down the hall dodging the slow walkers and couples walking hand in hand.  She ran full speed down the hall and swung to take a right, the floors were too slippery.  She tried to stop, but her feet kept sliding forward like she was wearing ice skates.  Instinctively, her hands flung to her face for protection as she collided with a locker door, the locker banging shut with a metallic clang.  She felt the instant shock of pain where the door met her face.

“Owwwww! My face, my beautiful face!” Aurora rolled on the ground moaning dramatically.

“Woah, are you alright?”  The locker’s owner bent down to look at her.

“Besides the extreme agony in my face, I think I’m good,” she smiled and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

“At least you’re not hurt,” Aiden smiled back.

“Oh!” Aurora gasped and immediately her cheeks turned rosy. He grabbed her hand, pulled her off the ground, and started dusting her off.

“There, good as new!” he chuckled. “I’m Aiden.”

“Um, thanks, my name is Aurora.” She felt like a stalker now, since he hadn’t even known her name.

“We’re in a lot of classes together right?” he inquired.

“Oh, right, we are.” She couldn’t help but think this wasn’t really happening, it was all a dream.

“Is there something on my face?” he laughed awkwardly.

“No, I’m sorry I was just thinking. Wait, what time is it?!”  Her heart leapt frantically, Mr. Linky would kill her if she was late!

“The first bell is about to ring.”  He looked up from his watch.  Aurora started to dash away but she tripped on her shoelace and fell into Aiden. Her face felt the cold hard tile floor, and once again there was a whole new pain.

“Oh man, I’m bleeding!” she pulled her hand away from her face.

“Get off of me!” Aiden’s eyes burned with fury as he sat up straight, he left her on the floor and walked off. Aurora sat there stunned, she didn’t even stir when the bell rang.

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