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Poetry Corner “To Ben”

Ever since I can remember

You were always that special guy to

Make my days so much better.

You have this lovely way to look at life

With no tears, no pain

Nothing but a smile on your face.

When I would feel lost

You were there to guide my way

Especially on the darkest day

You were the one that changed

My tears into smiles

You were always there to catch

Me during my biggest falls.

You taught me to stay strong,

Never give up,

And to keep moving along.

You were there to take away the pain

That pain I couldn’t easily push away.

I felt like my world was falling apart

And that nothing could ever heal my broken heart.

I was on the edge of just giving up

I felt like my heart had

Gone through more than enough.

I made the wrong turns

Somehow you didn’t seem to care

You stayed beside me

Until the pain,sorrow, and heartbreaks

Were no longer there.

You’ve kept me alive

You’ve kept me sane

For that, in my heart you

Will always remain.

You became my best friend, but

With time you became my forever.

No matter where life takes us

No matter what I put you through

In the end I know I can always count on you.

–Alejandra Rodriguez, Brookside senior

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