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Transfer: Secrets Revealed

As you may have read in the Winter Dog Times,  Lulu is begging Aurora to go to the super huge party at the school quarterback’s house. Aurora instead goes to the library where she finds Aiden bleeding in the Sci-Fi section:

“Woah! Aiden, are you alright?!” Lulu dropped her books and rushed over to him. His white shirt was stained with blood.

Aiden opened his mouth to speak, but only trickles of blood came out. As Aurora walked towards him, he dashed away covering his mouth, running out of the library.

The next day, Aurora searched for him at school, but he was nowhere to be found.

Later, the lunch line was only getting longer by the minute and Aurora’s stomach was internally eating itself. She stood at the end of the line with Lu, waiting for her turn to get a slice of delightfully greasy cheese pizza.

“You know, there’s another party tonight. Will you please come to this one? You bailed on the last one and I don’t want to go alone again!” Lulu whined.

“I already told you I’m studying tonight,” Aurora replied unenthusiastically.

“But it’s Friday! No one studies on Friday.”

“Not everyone is passing their classes either, Lu. I’m sorry, I just can’t go.”  The line moved forward and Aurora stepped up to the counter with her lunch tray. The lunch lady slapped a dry piece of meatloaf on her tray and spooned on a wad of over-watery instant mashed potatoes.

“Where’s the pizza?” Aurora whimpered.

“All out, Hun. Next time try getting here early!” The lunch lady replied. She began to move her silver spoon over Lulu’s tray. Lulu dropped the tray and said she had a club meeting that she needed to get to.

Since Lulu had left Aurora, she was condemned to look like a loner for the rest of the period. Slowly she trudged to the back of the cafeteria to the dimly lit corner where only the friendless sat. The janitors didn’t even care enough to go back there and clean. She found a deserted table and plopped her sickly lunch down. It sloshed over the sides of the tray, forming a muck puddle on the table. As she got ready to cut into her dreaded meatloaf, a tray filled with golden gooey cheese pizza was set before her on the table.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” For a moment Aurora thought it was the heavenly pizza speaking to her, but as she looked up she noticed Aiden hovering above her.

“Uh yes,” she stammered.

“Oh, I’m sorry for bothering you then.” He turned away from the table.

“No! I meant yes, you can sit here,” she smiled awkwardly.

“Thank you.” Aiden’s grin was even more heavenly than the piping hot pizza in Aurora’s eyes.

Aurora grimaced down at her lunch trying to think of something to say. Just then she remembered the other day; Aiden bleeding in the library. Before she could ask him about it, Aiden switched their trays, relieving her from the putrid meat and moat of cloudy water that was qualified as potatoes. Confusion swept across Aurora’s face.

“I just thought you might like this better, unless you’re allergic to cheese or something…”

“But wouldn’t you rather have pizza?”

“Heh, I don’t really eat this kind of stuff.” He laughed uncomfortably, “While you’re eating, I want to talk to you about something.”

Aurora’s heart skipped a beat, was he going to tell her to stop stalking him? Not that she was or anything… Maybe he wanted to explain what happened the other day. Or would he confess his undying love for her? No, it was more likely that he’d turn into a serial killer than ever say he liked her.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d be my partner for the semester literature project. Our teacher recommended it since we’re both almost failing the class,” Aiden said bluntly.

“I already –”

“I know you always partner with Lulu, but I had this really great idea I’ve been working on and I was hoping you’d be my partner.” He blushed ever so slightly.

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