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Are you struggling to keep your grades up?

At Waukegan High School it may be hard to keep your grades up when you have teachers throwing non-stop homework, research papers, and projects at you all at the same time that you have so much going on outside of school.  So how can you keep your grades up?   Here are four tips to help you solve this dilemma:

1. Find a friend who is in the same classes as you are, who can spend time with you after school someplace where there are not many distractions. This friend could help you manage your homework and you will feel more motivated to do it, because you do not feel alone.

2. Actually use the agenda provided to you by the school. This can help you because you can spread homework out throughout the week so that you can get everything done on time.

3. Get access to all of your teachers’ email addresses so that you can talk to them when you need to. This can help you because you will be able to talk to them outside of school just in case you do not understand the work that was given to you, or you need to arrange times when you can turn in your homework that will seem more convenient to you.

4. The most important tip is to believe  that you can keep your grades up and be passionate about the work you do. Don’t slack off.  Make an  effort, because if you are not passionate about your work, then who is going to be passionate for you? No one.  So make sure you do what you have to do to keep these grades up.

Do you think your boyfriend is cheating on you?

The other day I was sitting at lunch and all I kept hearing was, “I think he is cheating on me, but I don’t know if it’s true.” What girls fail to realize is that boys do not like it when girls constantly assume that they are guilty of something. My advice for girls who believe their boyfriends are cheating on them is to be sure that they are actually cheating,  instead of just assuming they are. The way to determine this is to put your boyfriend to the test. Stop talking to him for about three days, and see if he notices that you have stopped talking to him. If he does not approach you about not talking to him, then there is a problem.  If you notice that he is with other girls in the hallway, paying them more attention than he is giving you, then you have an issue. The way to handle this situation is to be 100% honest with him, sit him down and directly ask him if he is cheating. This may seem like a hard thing to do, but if you are honest with your boyfriend, most likely he’ll be honest with you. When you ask this question, make sure you’re not speaking in a hostile tone, and make sure you mention why you believe he is cheating on you. That way, hopefully, you will be able to help him change. It could be said that women believe that all men are cheaters, but in actuality not all of them are.  So  don’t make your man a victim and give him a fair trial so he can prove his innocence.

–Sha’renee Anderson, Brookside early graduate

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