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Transfer ~ Part 2 Secrets Revealed

Recap: Aiden suddenly appeared next to Aurora after Lulu had left her hanging in the lunch room. He has an ingenious plan to be partners for their next big project, but one event could change Aurora’s life forever. Everything unravels; in this issue of Transfer!

“I guess I could…” If Lu could ditch her at lunch so easily then she could find someone else to be partners with, Aurora figured.

“Great! Tonight we’ll meet up at the library around 8 o’clock, okay?” he said quickly as he then rushed out of the cafeteria as the bell rang.

Aurora gulped down the still hot pizza and chucked her other lunch in the trash as she walked out of the cafeteria. The rest of her classes went by like a breeze. When the final bell rang, Aurora didn’t even wait for Lulu so they could walk home together. She burst through her front door and flung her backpack on the dining room table. If she wanted to meet Aiden at the library she would have to make sure all of her homework was done, otherwise there’d be hell to pay. She decided to start off with history, since it would take the longest. As she read through her packet on China’s Dynasties, her eyes began to feel like a thousand pounds and the words shifted on the page. She promised to close her eyes for just a second and then get straight back to work.

When she awoke her paper was plastered to her face with drool. She checked the time on her phone and it said 9:30.

“Oh great! The guy of my dreams asks me somewhere and I sleep through it!” she moaned.

Although it was midwinter, Aurora ran towards the library, forgetting her coat, phone, and keys. She crashed into the library doors, a big red sign read ‘closed’. It was just her luck too, the one time Aiden Nero took interest in her she goes and ruins it! Aurora was out of breath and gasping for air. When her breathing slowed and her chest stopped heaving, she could hear faint scuffling noises coming from the back entrance to the library. Thinking it was merely an alley cat searching for food, she went to investigate.

As she got closer she could hear the sound of trickling water and muffled voices. One of them was crying and pleading with the other.

“Please just let me go! I’ll give you all my money, just don’t hurt me!” the voice shrieked and a sickening crunch echoed through the alley.

“If I wanted your money I would have taken it by now. Can’t you see I want something more?”

Aurora couldn’t stand by and do nothing while someone was being attacked. She ran around the corner and into the alley. “Hey!” she yelled.

At that moment a spray of red painted the alley walls. Warm ruby drops of blood landed on Aurora’s face; the trickling stream was now turning into deep pools of blood. She looked further down the alley at the awkward lump lying in the middle. A street lamp flickered on and Aurora could see at once what it was: a girl wearing the high school’s cheerleading uniform, which was now stained with dark red blood, laying stiff in the snowy alley. Something, or someone, sat hunched over her. For a moment, she thought both masses were one. She stepped backward into a deep puddle, the splash created a deafening echo. The figure unlatched itself from the girl and followed her with its eyes. Although its eyes were set in black holes and red veins protruded from its face; his identity was unmistakable.

“You’re late,” Aiden said with a sneer. Aurora was glued to the spot, completely speechless.

“I didn’t think you were going to show up. After the first half hour I said to myself, ‘Man, Aiden, you look like a chump! She stood you up, just go home.’ But I decided to wait around for a little longer. Good thing I did too, I found dinner.” A harsh laugh rumbled from deep within his chest.

“She’s dead…you killed her!” Aurora turned to run, but Aiden caught her wrist and held her against the wall.

“No, you killed her. If you had shown up on time it would’ve been you, not her.” Fear washed over her and tears began to fall from her eyes. “Now look, you’re trembling, where’s your coat?” He held her chin in his hand and lifted her head up so he could look into her eyes.

“It’s not very smart to be walking into dark alleys by yourself, you know. Maybe I should just get rid of all the witnesses!” His mouth hovered over her neck, his sharp teeth grazing her skin. “But, if I killed you now it wouldn’t be any fun! Come on kid, let’s go home.” He mussed her hair and led her out of the alley onto the dimly lit sidewalk.

They were a ghastly sight; blood splattered clothes, Aiden wore a frightening grin, and Aurora looked as pale as a ghost with tinges of red speckled across her face. Before she knew it they were in her driveway.

“Looks like I got some of my dinner on you.” He laughed and wiped her face off with his hand. The moment would’ve been strangely sweet, if he had not brutally attacked someone just moments before.

“If you tell anyone about this I promise I’ll make your death slow and painful.” His eyes bore into hers, only looking away when he was satisfied that she would remain silent. Before he left he bent over her. Her heart skipped a beat as Aiden’s lips swept over hers. A metallic tang was left lingering in her mouth.

“See you tomorrow!” he called out as he disappeared into the darkness.

–Olivia Wollmuth, Brookside sophomore

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