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Ask Andy

Dear Andy,

I recently had to miss four days of school because I caught the flu. Now that I am back my grades have gone down a lot. I have missed so many assignments, and even a few tests. I have to make all of this work up before the end of the quarter, plus keep up with my current school work. How do I manage it all? Help!


Work up to my Eyeballs

Dear Eyeballs,

Being sick for such a long time is always hard because it’s never practical to keep up on your work if you feel miserable. My advice is to split everything up into small pieces instead of trying to knock everything out in a few days.  Keep a to-do list that includes your daily homework and one assignment you have to make-up per day. It doesn’t seem nearly as overwhelming if you split everything up. As far as tests and quizzes go, know your teachers’ free periods and their availability before and after school. It is likely that you’ll be able to work something out with them to make up your tests. Most teachers are more than willing to help you out. Remember, third quarter ends right before spring break, so you have plenty of time! Good luck!

Dear Andy,

I have recently started dating this guy that I like a lot. He is very close with his mom. They watch movies together and she gives him advice, which I find really adorable. It’s really cool that he has such a good relationship with her, but I am worried about making a good impression when I get to meet her. I am his first “real” girlfriend, so this is the first time he’s ever brought a girl home to meet his mom. How do I guarantee that I make the right impression? I really want her to like me!


Mama’s girl

Dear Mama’s girl,

There’s an easy solution: be yourself!

I know it sounds cliché and dumb, but that’s really the best option. If they are as close as you say, your boyfriend’s mom knows him better than anyone else. Thus, if he likes you for you, then she will too! She probably trusts that if her son likes the girl, then she should have no reason not to! Just be polite and don’t be afraid to keep conversations going. Also, if you’re nervous about it, don’t be afraid to bring it up to him. He’ll like that you care enough about the issue to be concerned. Good luck!

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