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AVID Students Honored at Political Gala

Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin, and Congressional hopeful Dan Seals were all present at the Tenth Congressional District Democrats’ fundraising event–creatively named the “10-10-10”–held on October 10, 2010, at the Hyatt Hotel in Deerfield, Illinois. Among the crowd were community organizers, politicians, and other notable benefactors who had paid at least $75 dollars to attend—some paid as much as $5,000 dollars! In recognition of our volunteer efforts on behalf of Dan Seals, a few of my AVID classmates and I also were fortunate enough to be invited to this prestigious political event.

One of Waukegan High School’s top students, senior Paola Castillo, was even given the honor of speaking in front of these political leaders.

The speech was about how through determination, we, as AVID students, can achieve what might seem unachievable: becoming the first in our families to attend college.

It was really cool to be applauded by Senator Dick Durbin and Governor Pat Quinn. How often does that happen, right?

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