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New Advisor

“The best advice I could give to high school seniors is to just apply to colleges… just try… you never know.”
These words were spoken by the new college advisor Dan Brumbach at the Hewitt Center of the Brookside library.

Brumbach is new to the Bulldog family this year and seems very eager and willing to help anyone who is in any need of college guidance. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign. His major there was Communications and Public Relations. He claims to have been an average student throughout high school: “Well I didn’t get straight A’s but I didn’t get D’s or F’s either.” He played soccer and ran track throughout school.

Since he is a college advisor, I was curious to know what Brumbach’s college experience was like. “Oh man, college was great! You have to enjoy every bit of it,” he says as he cracks a slight smile. I ask if he lived in a dorm and had a roommate: “Having a roommate was okay. It’s a blessing in disguise” he says, meaning that you go out and make an adventure of your surroundings. “Having a small room makes you want to go and explore everything your campus has to offer” according to Brumbach.

When he’s not advising future leaders, Brumbach enjoys exercising as a hobby. “I actually practice Brazilian Jitsu. It’s a form of wrestling, martial arts, and kick boxing,” he said. I was completely shocked when he responded this way, I mean, how many people do you know that practice this as a hobby! He laughed as I kept talking in shock.

Even though he is a college advisor and loves his job, this was not what he pictured himself doing back when he was in high school. Brumbach says, “I wanted to do international studies because I’ve always wanted to just travel the world.”

So I wondered how someone who wanted to travel the world got involved in guidance: “I heard about this program through my school. And I felt that since I had just completed college, I could relate to students.” He immediately was taken by this profession and has been nothing but successful since then.

So fellow seniors, the next time you’re in a college jam, and need any type of guidance, Mr. Brumbach will be more than willing to help you.

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