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Halloween High

Bunnies, monsters, pirates, ballerinas, princesses and Snooki from MTV’s show Jersey Shore were just a few of the characters who made an appearance at Waukegan High School on Friday, October 29th. The halls were full of people who had the Halloween spirit. Even more exciting were the teachers that came dressed as their alter egos. Some teachers were disguised as animals and celebrities, while others took a different approach and came dressed as cartoon characters. One teacher even dressed in all blue attire and held a sign reading “Twitter.”

All of the costumes were very clever; however, the one teacher whose costume completely took the cake was Ms. Judy Gotz, a teacher of senior English at Brookside. Ms. Gotz came dressed as a clown–but not as any ordinary, red-nosed-big-shoe-wearing clown–Ms. Gotz had a complete rainbow-colored jumpsuit and multicolored wig to complete the ensemble!

An exciting addition to this fun day were the breaks that some teachers gave students to celebrate with pizza, cookies, cupcakes, and, of course, a ton of candy that definitely kept students hyper and alert throughout the day. This Halloween was certainly a day that none of the staff or students will ever forget. It was a great way to end the school week and prepare for the weekend festivities. Way to go Bulldogs! Keep that spirit up!

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