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The Three Musketeers: January

“How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you…”

I’ve been getting a lot of mail lately about how to tell if your boyfriend is loyal.    So here is some information I pulled together for all of you.

You’ll know he’s cheating if…

1.  His contact pattern with you changes. He doesn’t instant message, call or send emails as often.  Or he starts sending more of them to cover up or he changes the time when he routinely does these sort of things.  He is unavailable when he used to be available.  Rather than wanting to spend all night chatting, he has to cut his conversation with you short to do something.

2.   He no longer wants you to tag along to the grocery store, to get his hair cut, or other little things.  (You will find he is off making a call to her or trying to meet with her).  Before, he always wanted you to be with him.

3. Rather than begging you to come down and see him, he encourages you to catch up with your friends over the week-end or tells you that he has to work all weekend himself, and he won’t have much time for you if you come down, so you might want to think of staying home.
4. He changes the passwords to his social networks (myspace, facebook, etc.).

5. He starts being short or critical of you over little things.

6. He makes sure you have all your stuff before you leave.

7. He switches persons on you:  while he used to talk about the “two of you,” he is now just talks about himself.  “We should go to…” is now, “I should go to ….”   Other examples: “We should get a puppy” is now “I have been thinking of getting a puppy,” or “Where should we go this weekend” is now “I am thinking of going to ….”

8. He comments on your losing or gaining weight when you have done no such thing. (Someone else he has been grabbing onto is bigger or smaller than you.)

9.  He likes clothes on you that he used to hate on you.

10.  He starts accusing you of cheating on him when you are not.  This is either reverse psychology or he’s just trying to soothe his own guilt. When you start a serious topic, instead of wanting to seriously talk about it, he quickly changes the topic. Again, in his mind, this justifies his cheating.

11. You catch him in a series of small nonsensical lies.

12. He seems to have less money to do things or doesn’t want to go out and do things with you.  (He is spending his money on dates with the new woman and is either pooped out from all that entertaining, or doesn’t want to risk being seen in public with you.)

13.  Your gut/intuition/6th sense/whatever is screaming at you that something is just not quite right.

14.  He doesn’t want to show you his cell phone or his mailbox is always empty.

15.  He doesn’t get jealous (some guys don’t show their true feelings) anymore, or doesn’t ask you where you are, or who you’re with.

Keep on writing…

– Ronaldo7

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