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Senior Spotlight: Soccer Star and Sweet Tea — Valedictorian Lindsey Bennett

I’ve been friends with Lindsey Bennett, a Brookside senior, since I was in third grade, so writing this actually was challenging because there were so many things I could have included. So I asked Lindsey what was most important to her in high school. Lindsey is athletic, and has played soccer for many years, including all four years of high school. She also ran cross country in high school. Lindsey says, “All the sports I played made the best memories because I became friends with all of the people.” When Lindsey is on the field she says she’s happy and it relieves stress.  Off the field, Lindsey is also taking on impressive feats. This school year she took five AP classes.  She says, “Calc is my favorite class because math is the best! I like numbers!”

Lindsey Bennet and Michelle Johnson, longtime friends, will share the stage at Commencement.

And she really does like numbers. She actually likes numbers more than anyone I know and genuinely can get excited about natural logs and integrals. And although math subjects are her favorite, she says her favorite teachers in high school were Mr. Bill and Ms. Schultz. She says, “I liked their classes because they both taught in ways that other people don’t.  I also like them because they’re really supportive.”

With all these different interests and extracurricular activities, Lindsey is also graduating first in her class. Next fall she will be attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where she’s excited for “the sweet tea and country music.” She’s excited to graduate and ready to move on to the next part of her life.  So asked her if she had any advice for underclassmen, she said, “When I get sad, I stop being sad and try to be awesome instead.” With that optimistic outlook and all of her great accomplishments, she’s ready to take on the world next year, one cup of sweet tea at a time.

– Michelle Johnson, Brookside senior

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