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Creativity Makes Change

Art students’ creativity is now being sold: in t-shirt form. “I wanted my students to create a project based on commercial art. Commercial work is art whose purpose is making money, or helping someone else, like a business, make money  Instead of having the students start their own fashion business, I thought it could be more meaningful if their efforts were supporting a philantropic effort,” says Mr. Stefan Pfautz, during his Art 2 class.

Students designed logos to aid non-profit organizations like Paws for Hope, Locks of Love, Voice Project, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  T-shirts with their logos are being pre-ordered and will be sold until they run out. Stock is limited. Prices for shirts range from $5-10.  If interested in seeing or buying a shirt, contact Mr. Pfautz, Brookside W151.

–Mariela Ortega, Brookside sophomore

One of the non-profit organization logos made by Pfautz's Art 2 class, Locks of Love which gives hairpieces to children in the U.S or Canada suffering from a long-term illness that causes hair loss. Logo design by Yarely Covarrubias.

To put a logo on multiple shirts at one time students create a "manufacturing line." The logos on the shirts above are designed by Brookside senior Cynthia Jasso for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Photos: Mariela Ortega

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