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Senior Spotlight: CIERRA GOODMAN

My high school experience was full of enjoyment and adventure. I was mature for my age so it wasn’t such a huge change for me to come to WHS.  Thinking back to my freshman year at the Washington Campus, I had fun.  At times, I think every freshman should get a chance to have a school to themselves  like we did.

As a senior, the classes I took were all honors or AP because I set  high standards for myself  and because it would look good on my applications for college.  Also, being in sports was a big part of my high school experience. When you’re on any team you find friends or people you never thought you would talk to.  As a leader, especially, you learn patience, which is the key to life. Without it, you have nothing to live by.  It was hard work, but it paid off.  Now, in college I will have adventures and enjoy my time there, all things that will help me to succeed in life.

–Cierra Goodman, Brookside senior

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