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Lunar Lunacy

A full moon is said to bring about all kinds of strange behaviours from both animals and people. “It must be a full moon,” is a familiar expression used to explain bizarre actions. At Waukegan High School, the moon is definitely affecting the students.

According to disciplinary records taken by the school, the students here at WHS have been exhibiting some lunacy towards the end of the moon’s cycle.

Students fighting, being rowdy, and causing trouble is not something new, but it appears to be amplified when the moon is full. Strange behaviours are expected by WHS staff. House 3 Principal Terry McHugh fervently admitted that all house principals brace themselves when they know the full moon is near. Mr. McHugh facetiously commented that when kids start acting strange, staff mutters the phrase, “It must be a full moon.”

Eccentric behavior coupled with a full moon is not limited to WHS. The total number of psychiatric admissions looked at were 89,973 over 467 lunar cycles, 5,575 psychiatric disturbances over 477 cycles, 43,177 crisis calls over 148 cycles, 32,273 suicides or self-harm incidents over 343 cycles, 29,126 homicides over 599 cycles, and 535,836 criminal offenses over 229 cycles. But still the authors found that “the phases of the moon accounted for no more than 1% of the variance in human behavior.” (J. Psychosoc. Nurs. Ment. Health Serv. 2000;38:29-34). So it appears that  WHS  differs completely from the rest of the world.

– Michelle Soriano, Brookside


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