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Artistic Inspiration

Long before the 2010-2011 Boys’ Basketball season begins, four students and Mrs. Firfir-Nadulek, an art teacher, have painted a mural in the boys’ locker room at the Washington Campus to inspire the team.

“Now that it’s done, I absolutely love the Bulldog logo [they] painted on the floor,” said Coach Ron Ashlaw, who requested the drawing. “It is a dream come true to finally have that mission accomplished. Our coaching staff spent a good amount of time rebuilding the Varsity locker room to create a room the players would be proud of and comfortable in,” the coach said. “The logo adds a wonderful finishing touch for that space. We really appreciate the talent and time invested in that endeavor for our boys’ basketball program.”

The group of painters found that it was a difficult mural to sketch because of the dark green floor. After tracing the circle, the Bulldog and basketball, the artists were finally able to paint with materials provided by the coaches. After several days of dedicated sketching and painting, the result is a mural that hopefully mimics the anticipated success of Bulldog basketball.

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