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Happy New Year for the Girls’ Swim team!

Looks like all the lady Bulldog swimmers are back and ready to represent Waukegan High School.  This year we again have new swimmers looking confident and ready to win. As one of the team managers, August Voight, a Brookside sophomore, says, ”Anybody feeling scared or unsure of how they will do or how well they will compete, isn’t unusual.  No one can know who will be the best.”  

Also being a Waukegan swimmer, I know that there are a lot of unsure feelings that occur before a meet. Both coaches have said that the girls are doing great so far. They are getting faster, and stronger.  The new swimmers will get a better understanding of what competitive swimming is like very soon.  Coach Pat Boothe stated, ” We are not nervous about any school. I just want to see the girls do their personal best in every meet.  I will be mostly focusing on individual events.”  Coach Booth and Coach Sarah Gershon try to mix the swimmers in different events so they don’t get stale. Some swimmers are mostly good at the free style stroke,  but of course, both coaches will always encourage them to try different strokes. As Coach Gershon says, ”Do every stroke, even your weakest one. Just try it and see what happens.” In the end, these swimmers will be racing against the clock and no one else.  I’m excited to see how much all of these swimmers improve and I hope to see all these swimmers compete.

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