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Ask Andy

Dear Andy,

I’m really worried about the upcoming ACT. I’m stressing out and need advice. Everyone doesn’t seem to care too much about it and I’m kinda looking at them asking myself, “Should I even worry anymore?” But then I remember that this is what’s determining what college I’m getting into, so I start to panic again. What would be some good tips on preparing for the ACT?

Dear Jay,
I think some good tips would be:

Don’t blow off any extra help that the teachers might offer you cuz, really, I mean, it’s teachers offering help for your future.

It’s worth taking at least a look at  ACT preparation tests too because they can help you a lot.

Set aside some extra time for studying.  (I know, Boresville. But it’s worth it for this.)  It might help. Use your  free time wisely when you’re not stuffed with homework and/or projects…. almost never….. :( *cries in corner*

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