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Football Profile: Rudy Borland

Rudy Borland, strong safety for the Bulldog Varsity football team, has been playing football for five years. Rudy says his best year was his third year playing football when WHS was one game away from the championship.
I was tempted and so asked how people look at Rudy being “the little guy.” He replied, “Yes, I am almost always under-estimated when people see me, but little do they know how strong I am and how much heart I play with. I wished I was a little bigger, but …I like being the little guy that can still perform like a big guy.” Rudy is very confident about football, you can hear it in his voice.
The first thing that comes to mind when he walks onto the field is how good he needed to be to play and how exciting it is to be there. He feels blessed. Rudy’s idols in football are Troy Polamalu and Bob Sanders because of their ability to hit and make plays. He plans on playing football in college.
Rudy added right before leaving: “This all started with me watching football with my dad. I knew it [was] what I wanted to do.”

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