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Football Profile: James Debbs

There are times that you have heard of people but just don’t know them on a personal level. James Debbs, the 18 year old Varsity defensive football player at Waukegan High School, revealed that he enjoys being on the football team because it means having fun and being a part of something.  
Sports have always been a part of Jame’s life since he was a little boy.  He loves playing football and plans on going to college, and later being in the NFL. James didn’t fail me in this interview–he told me so much about himself and football. He even revealed how he lived here in Waukegan until the sixth grade but then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.   Tulsa was like a farming community, James says, but “he loved it.”  
James even shared the hardships that he has overcome in life: how he came out on top even in times when he felt like he couldn’t go on.  Overall James, who is a Brookside senior, seemed enthusiastic and open-minded about telling me a little bit about his life; there was nothing but good energy as he was smiling at all times during the interview. We ended with his saying, word for word,  “I am a nice boy overall, who likes to have fun and stay out of trouble.  What more is it to know?”   Ending like that, he smiled brightly.  I said, “Thank you.” He told me, “You’re welcome,” and went on with his day.

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