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Music Review: Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Grows Up

Justin Bieber’s single, “Boyfriend” released on March 23, 2012, has proven to be a great hit. Unlike his past albums, “Boyfriend” shows a sense of maturity and adulthood. The song opens up with whispering from the now-grown biebs and transfers into a smooth hip hop rap anthem. Bieber’s tone is very breathy which makes him sound even more adult than anything he has previously done. Some would compare this song to one of Justin Timberlake’s when Bieber pulls off the famous Timberlake/Michael Jackson falsetto. All of the verses are rapped in a sexy style that resembles Timberlake as well. The instrumentals are kept at a minimum in order to allow Bieber’s voice, which has now matured and deepened, to take center stage and shine. This song represents how much Bieber has changed and matured since his ”Baby” days.

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