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Strangers Into Lovers

What is love?  Some say it doesn’t exist.  Others, just don’t even worry about it, because they’re better off alone.  Once, two people doubted love, because to them it meant nothing: just another word in the dictionary with no real meaning.  They just lived their lives staying away from it.   But the same two people who didn’t bother about love, were the same two who fell in love with each other.  He caught her attention with a glance And she caught his attention as she passed him.  The love bond between these two people cannot be broken.
Nothing can stop them.
They went from being complete strangers,
To friends,
To lovers.
Time passed, and the love slowly developed
In front of their own eyes.  The love that they least expected led them to one path, where they found each other.

Two souls with but a single thought,
Two hearts that beat as one.

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