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Ask Andy

Dear Andy,
Yesterday I turned in my homework late. I’ve realized I’ve been a little behind in all of my classes, and school has just started. What do you think I should do to get myself back on track and away from my holiday fever?
– De-Little T

Well, Little T, as you can well imagine, a lot of people have that fever problem (especially me), so don’t feel alone. Secondly, you should remember that school is your main priority right now. Any work that’s given to you is always to be done as soon as you get the time to do so. (Not like anyone does it, but you know: try). And after all of that is
completed, you may relax and enjoy a nice big slice of cheese cake.
– Andy

Dear Andy,
I like this guy, but he doesn’t even know I exist. I’ve tried talking to him but he only thinks of me as a friend. How can I get him to notice me without seeming desperate?
– Hopeless

Hopeless, you can’t bring yourself down like this, girl! If this guy doesn’t notice you, just throw a Hot Pocket at him with a note on the side saying, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe?”
Let’s see him try to refuse that.
– Andy * *aka Daniel Escalante and Michelle Soriano, Brookside juniors

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