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Spending Less and Giving More for the Holidays

I know Christmas is coming, and we are either jumping for joy or cringing at the thought of having to spend money on others.
Well, here are some ideas to help you save money, while you give…
Why don’t you make the gift? It’s a special way to give someone something that no one else would have without spending tons of money.
Another thing you might do is take advantage of coupons and sales! Many stores have Christmas sales even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are other days that many stores have sales, you just have to pay attention to ads in newspapers and online. There’s a lot of competition these days too, so check out online prices and print them out before hitting the mall. You might be able to negotiate a better price for yourself with a little research.
A major thing you must do is set a budget for yourself. I know spending so much money on a brand name item seems like an amazing gift, but try finding something less expensive and more meaningful to give as a gift.
These are all of my tips on how to save money and spend less for Christmas! Happy holidays!

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