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Bears Throw a Pizza Party

Chicago Bears Safety #21 Major Wright and #47 Chris Conte came to Waukegan High School to host “The Pro Player Pizza Party” on Friday, November 9, 2012. Though they started off a bit late, the players were welcomed to our school. What did Major Wright think of Waukegan High School? His response was, “Yeah-yeah I enjoyed–it’s nice and the school is nice. I didn’t get a tour around and do much here (since I just got here) but it looks nice. Y’all have a nice president. She is a nice lady.” Major Right answered that they were here “basically -for a fundraiser and giving back to the kids [by] spending time [with them], coming out and having fun, talking to ‘em, communicating with ‘em.”

(RIGHT) Chris Conte and Major Wright pose during the Pizza Party fundraiser at Trapp Auditorium. This event had been planned for at least two months and it was fun to watch. Most of the seats in Trapp Auditorium were taken by Bears fans, friends, little kids and students. Major Wright came onto the stage dancing, and later both players sat down and took questions from the audience. Some of them were about when they were in high school and others were about the team. The nice thing about the questions was that if your question was picked, you won a signed shirt by one of the players. Many people were excited by that offer, as well as the mini-games like a dance-off and a spelling bee that came later. During the spelling bee, one of the young girls on stage started to cry due to the pressure to spell the word “encyclopedia,” but then she got a “bear hug” which made everything okay. Afterwards, pizza was served to a big crowd in the cafeteria. The Lake County Area Project and State Representative Rita Mayfield requested the event be held in Waukegan to motivate and encourage children living in the area to make good choices. It turned out to be a good choice!

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