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Standing Ovation for Pasta and Pops Concert

On October 12, the Waukegan High School Concert orchestra, choir group, and band played melodies that transcended the ordinary. Their music touched the souls of those who had the privilege to witness this immense manifestation. The concert took place in the gym at Waukegan High School Brookside, to help raise money for the Music department. Pieces like the James Bond theme “Die Another Day”, and “Stringin’ the Blues,” were played by the orchestra, leaving the audience in awe. Despite their solos being improvised or not, the soloists could have played with more confidence to give more flavor to the tonality of their parts. All in all, the orchestra played intensely and well.

From The Beach Boys to The Beatles, tempo and range had no bounds whatsoever for the Choir group. Songs like “Eleanor Rigby” to “Hey Jude” were the audience’s favorites and the most popular that night. The WHS band played a somewhat common repertoire, sequentially, inspiring nothing out of the ordinary. “The Music Makers” was intriguing on its own; it ended the night with a random twist that brought a completely different feel to the night. Although it was not an adrenaline-based song, it did its job as a finale. Unfortunately throughout most of the ending trio, the WHS band drowned out the orchestra, yet the choir did an extraordinary job holding up its own. The choir group was floating softly above the instruments, so precisely and efficiently, that it almost seemed too perfect to be true. The audience showed their amazement and appreciation by whistling, clapping their hands and giving a standing ovation.
On another point, the food could have been warmer, and the food court a bit more organized to lessen the shoving and scattering of the food.
In the end, however, it is surely safe to say the evening was worth everyone’s fifteen dollars.

Photos: Jasmin Madrigal

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