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Denzel’s digs: secretaries we need you

On November 22, we all sat around with our families giving thanks for those who mean so much to us, our family and friends, but did we all give thanks to those who deserve it? Did we ever really thank the people who make this school run and work efficiently? Together let’s take a moment to thank the ones who can make a bad day work out fine, our school secretaries. Like most official job descriptions, it doesn’t capture the reality of the position. Copier broken? It’s the secretary’s job to fix it herself, or call it in to the copier company. Didn’t get paid for that after-school program? Talk to the secretary. When is the fire alarm going to be going off? Ask the secretary. School short on subs today? Get the secretary to make repeated, increasingly desperate pleas over the intercom for teachers to cover the missing periods. Where’s the house principal and assistant house principal today? The role and pay of school secretaries is injustice especially here at Waukegan, but try to avoid thinking about it because most adults in this building are underpaid. If we ever lost all of our secretaries at the same time, Waukegan High School would not operate. I don’t think we’re quite able to psychologically handle the situation. Who would answer all of our questions on a daily basis.
Where’s the House Principal? Is my counselor available to see me or what the bell schedule is for the assembly or where little Johnny ran off to before 7th period, or the answer to any of the other three billion questions they handle on a typical day. Thank you, school secretaries; you have performed valuable services for years while being paid a ridiculously low pay. In a perfect world, everyone would know how important you are. In the very, very imperfect world of our school, it would be a long, long time before we recover if we ever lost you. Whenever you get a chance, students, teachers, staff and administration, stop into your house office or the main office and thank the ladies that have always been there working hard to ensure this school runs  properly.

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