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Flight Flies High

        Take off with a thrilling and exciting movie! Released on November 2, 2012, Flight is an R-rated drama about an airline pilot who saves a plane from crashing. The pilot, William Whitaker, known as Whip (played by Denzel Washington), had been drinking and had other drugs in his system when he boards the plane along with his co-pilot, Ken Evans (played by Brian Geraghty).  When Whip takes a nap, he then wakes up, the plane is headed into a dive. Whip decided to “roll” the plane before it crashes, until the next morning, Whip finds himself in a hospital. Then, an official told him that he saved a lot of lives, and that he is a hero for saving whip’s life and saving few others lives. While Whip is  in the hospital, Whip meets a young woman,  Nicole (played by Kelly Reilly) which she is recovering from a heroin addiction. William and Nicole started a relationship, but when Whip’s drinking continues, Nicole left Whip because of his drinking. In the hospital, Whip’s screams showing his drug use and possibly leading to jail time and charges. As the investigation of the plane crash continues, William struggles with his life.

       See what happens next in this breath-taking movie!



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