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What Are You Putting on Your FACE?!? Beautiful inside& out

Wake up. Wash your face. Put on moisturizer. Put make up on and go to school. That’s the routine. But do you know what you’re putting on your face when you apply mascara or lipstick? Do you ever look at the ingredients when you are purchasing a new health or beauty item?

What about CHROMIUM OXIDE GREEN, CHROMIUM HYDROXIDE GREEN or ULTRAMARINE. These are all toxic ingredients that are commonly found in mascara, according to the cosmetics data base:

What about that perfect shade of lipstick that makes your lips pop? When you wear that lipstick you are wearing LEAD on your lips! FDA scientists found lead in all of the 20 lipsticks tested, ranging from 0.09 ppm (part per million) to 3.06 ppm, with an average value of 1.07 ppm.

The detection limit was estimated to be 0.04 ppm, according to the  Cosmetic Data base”

BOYS! Your faces aren’t clean either! Do you know what is in your aftershave? Or your body washes with ingredients like PARFUM and PROPYLPARABEN?

These are chemicals that could cause potiental health risks later in the future according to http://www.besthealthmag.

I know when you are going shopping and buying cosmetics, you don’t want to spend an hour reading labels, but you should be aware of the toxic chemicals that could be in your shopping cart so you’re not coming home with toxic chemicals.

If you really are planning to buy a product such as a mascara or foundation, what can you do to buy safe products? Visit:, the Environmental Working Group’s website. Hyperlinks to this site and more are also at:

Search whatever product you want there, and the website can tell you if the product has any harmful chemicals.

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