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McCreery Makes Christmas Comes Around Again

The Country single “Christmas Coming Round Again” by Scotty McCreery, has the pleasant Christmas feeling of having the family together and bringing all the times back again. The song basically tells the story of different dysfunctional families becoming whole. Most music has certain meaning or contains a short story–but as a bonus this song definitely has both! It is very easy to listen to with its warm-hearted Christmas atmosphere–it definitely can put a smile on your face even if you may be feeling down. It creates a happy, positive atmosphere mixed along with the Christmas feelings of joy and happiness. “Hallelujah there’s forgiveness in the wind! Hallelujah it’s time to let things go and let the love in… Christmas comin’ Round Again” tells its message in a way that would be very sweet to listen to when the family is over for Christmas during dinner. It would also be nice to listen to while putting up your decorations or just relaxing because it sounds like a holiday tune.

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