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Soccer: Undefeated

Freshmen! The undefeated freshmen soccer team looks to be the future of Waukegan soccer, with Coach Fernandez leading and teaching them what high school soccer is like. After guiding the freshmen through an undefeated streak, Fernandez observed, “These young players were really dedicated and worked very hard. To go undefeated for a whole season is what every team and coach works for. Our team really worked hard and achieved this goal. I am very proud of my guys and the future looks bright for our soccer program.” The coach also would like to tell his team: “I am very proud of them because they finished their perfect season of 21-0-2 with 107 goals scored and only 7 goals received in 23 games played. This is amazing, and we broke a school record. Hard work and dedication are the key factors for success. Your future is looking bright for years to come!”

Captain Daniel “Danny” Garcia observed that his most memorable moment of the season was: “When we played against Warren, not only did we come back from losing 1-0 in the first half, but my team showed me that they had heart and wanted to win just as bad as I did.” As this was Team Captain Brian Rojas’ first year playing for Waukegan, he felt he“…really underestimated high school soccer, I underestimated the coaches, the players and the opponents. I thought it was going to be easier, I didn’t think that Coach Fernandez was going to be as strict as he was on us. I also thought that my teammates were going to s***, but during this season they all proved me wrong.”

Rojas also agreed that what he and Garcia are both looking forward to next season is, “to grow as a team even more than we already have, and to go another season undefeated!”

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