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DEF and DEAF: “I’m Deaf” by Sean Forbes

– Charlene Fadul, 


Brookside senior


Photo: Danny Lopez


Are you looking for a new type of music with a nice beat to it?  Well, meet Sean Forbes, a rapper who happens to be deaf! Yes, he is deaf but he is a good musician whose lyrics are quite motivating.The song “I’m Deaf” from his debut video album, Perfect Imperfection, has a very catchy beat to it. It’s nice to listen when you feel down in the dumps. His music will cheer you up. If you want to know more about his lyrics to this song, you should watch the music video. In the music video, he uses sign language while he raps. The lyrics are well thought out and very funny.  For example, Forbes sings in his song, “If I cut off my ear like Van Gogh, would it matter?” showing that he has a good sense of humor.


So plug in your headphones and start listening to his music.


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