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It’s not a show without an audience

We all know about famous athletes. We know their names and their positions and even follow them on twitter. Where do these people come from? Well, right here in our own back yard, or dawg pound, as we like to call it here at Waukegan High School. Yes, right here!

As much as our education is important, our physical health is important too. We all have to take gym, but with all that running, jumping jacks, and pull ups we do we might as well be going out for a sports team. And, why not? Waukegan, although not the most fabulous school around, still has an awesome athletic program.

Even if you aren’t an athletic person, being on a sports team can still greatly benefit you. You make long lasting relationships. I’ve met some of my best friends swimming on the Waukegan swim team. You achieve new goals, experience new things you never thought you would before, and may even get a sexy six pack!

An important aspect of sports is, of course, the fans. We always need people to come cheer our hard working athletes on! When our teams play away games, it’s intimidating, but when students come to support their friends, it takes some of the pressure off. When a game has lots of fans it becomes a party! There is music, you can meet up with friends and hangout, and enjoy a good game. For game dates, home and away, you can visit:

–K.N. Hughes, Brookside senior


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