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Valentine’s Day Shout-Outs

Happy Valentine’s Day to the LOVE OF MY LIFE Janine Audra Papa. This is our second year spending Valentine’s Day together. We’ve made our first year together on 

February 10, 2012! There is never a moment in life that goes by that I am not thinking about you. Mahal Kita, Always and Forever, JayJay Yu

To Ermelinda: Hi baby, Happy seven months and happy valentines day. Chiquita thank you for coming in my life. I’m so happy I can call you my best friend, my girlfriend and my future wife. Never forget that you are the moon that came to light up my world. Te Amo! -Juni

Melissa Hardy there’s so much we’ve been through that no one will really know like we do. When i look in your eyes i see every thing we are and everything we will be. Happy Valentines Day poopy face! I love you <3 -Sean Piatt-seger

To Jordan Johnson: Sorry for not speaking up soon i like unfortunately your not mine happy valentine’s day P.S Would you like to go to prom with me? -Secret Admirer 

 Happy Valentines Day my love Jahaira

Leon wiliams, You make my heart skip a beat I want to thank you for always being by my side when nobody else was, I love you babe! -Your wifey Jennifer Cuellar Muah <3

Jazmine Villalpando your hair is funny but you still are my best best best friend hope you have a fun Valentine.

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