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Swim Team: Great Swim

The girls’ swim team ended their season with a 200-yard Medley Relay at 3:30:12 by Laurie Albarran, Brenna Smith and Vanessa Rodriguez, as well as a 200-yard Freestyle Relay at 2:44:40 by Marytza Benitez, Vanessa Bueno, Lily Celis and Joviana Melendez. Their last meet was Friday, November 5th against Evanston. Sophomore Vanessa Bueno interviewed her team and got their thoughts on the swimming season.
Bueno’s teammates, Ita Montano and Joviana Melendez, observed happily, “When we swam, we really thought we weren’t going to make it, but in the end, we didn’t stop. We kept going. We all grew really close throughout the season.”

The swimmers, Brenna Smith and Laurie Albarran also advised: “Don’t quit [next year] girls; you might think you’re not good just because you don’t think you do things right for the first couple days, but with hard work great things come. It’s not about winning, but having a good time and to improve individually and as a team. Swimming isn’t an easy sport and we all know that. But if you try hard, you’ll achieve things.”

Coach Patrick Boothe added his thoughts: “Everything was very successful: the girls had great times, the relays were well-accomplished, and overall, everything improved. Practice paid off in these successes. It’s about dedication, hard work, and having a good time. I’m very proud of the girls because they did their best!”
Being as cheerful as she is, Bueno added, “Swimming is a physical and mental sport. When I joined the swim team, I didn’t know how to swim, but I learned. I honestly don’t believe it was all my mental ability. It was also the encouragement of the coaches and team.

I fell in love with swimming in just three months, and as a team we have stayed united. Even with the teams we have competed against, we have made ties. We had a great season! I also want to take the chance to tell girls to join next season: this might not be the easiest sport, but I think it’s one of the greatest. I want to thank the coaches and team for an amazing experience.

Varsity team, it’s never the same without you guys!” Some final remarks from the swim team: “We love the swim team! We wish we didn’t have to let go of the seniors, but we hope more girls join next year.” Good job, ladies. Stay strong mentally and physically for the year to come!

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