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What Happened at Rolling Meadows?

WHS Athletic Director Sam Taylor tells The Dog Timeswhy the Varsity Cheerleading team was disqualified

DT: So what exactly happened at the Rolling   Meadows Sectional (Saturday, January 26, 2013)?

Taylor: As the cheerleaders we[re] walking on the performance mat I saw an ineligible athlete.  After confirming the student performing was the ineligible athlete I then went to the judges area immediately after we were done performing and I informed a meet director which resulted in the disqualification of the team before the scores were announced.

DT: The News-Sun printed an article concerning this subject on January 30, 2013. Was The News-Sun telling the whole truth on this issue?

Taylor: The News-Sun article was fairly accurate concerning the facts that it had, unfortunately [it] was missing some details which we are unable to discuss.  

DT: Would the cheerleaders have qualified for State if they were not disqualified? 

Taylor: I do not know what score the team earned if they would not have been disqualified but it was confirmed to me by the IHSA that they would not have been one of  the top 5 that qualified for state.

 DT: Any additional information you would like to add concerning this issue? 

Taylor: I am saddened by what happened.  It was a difficult decision and I would have preferred that this did not have to happen to the team.  If I had not followed through with notifying the meet director our entire athletic program could have been affected with IHSA sanctions or penalties.

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