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Best Bulldog BBall

If you’re a Waukegan Bulldog basketball fan, you know of the starting senior crew. Here is a chance to get a closer look at them beginning with starting Point Guard and Co-Captain Jordan Johnson, a senior at Brookside Campus. Jordan is just coming off an ankle injury and was forced to sit out the Stevenson game on Tuesday, January 5. Although the Bulldogs didn’t come out with the victory, they still hung on to their confidence. Johnson said the season is going well with a record of (13-11) Conf (5-3). Johnson loves to watch Kobe Bryant and also compares himself to Kobe because of his streaky shooting and clutch shots. The LA Lakers are his favorite team. Kobe is Johnson’s favorite player because of his style of play and his will to win which inspires Jordan to continue playing this sport. Jordan has plans to play in college, but is undecided about where the next stage will be. Jordan is currently being looked at by a recruiter for Bowling Green, Texas Southern and multiple Division 2 schools. Johnson has been playing basketball his whole life and he wishes to add more years on. Jordan says four years here as a basketball player were like a roller coaster because of the team’s ups and downs. But the most important thing for Jordan has been that he enjoyed playing with his friends.

Jordan goes up for the shot

Devonte Taylor, a senior at Brookside, is Waukegan’s “Powerful Bigman” and the team’s co-captain. Taylor has been a varsity starter for three years now and he is enjoying the season, but claims it could be better. He says, “The team has nothing to worry about because there is a lot of basketball left.” Taylor is inspired to play this sport because of his family: “Without my family support, I wouldn’t even be where I’m at today.” Devonte has plans to playing in college. He is undecided about where he will play next year. Taylor is getting looks from University of Dubuque, North Park and Triton. Devonte been playing basketball since 6th grade, his favorite team is the OKC Thunder and he compares himself to Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Durant, and Snoop Dogg.  Devonte’s four years here were fun and a great learning experience playing on varsity: “My first year on varsity made me step up and become a better player and individual.”

Taylor brings the ball up the court


Quintin-Davis lays the ball up during the games against New Trier

Quintin Davis, the Bulldogs’ Slashing Forward is a Brookside senior and all-around basketball player. Davis says “the season is going fine, but it has its of ups and downs, but I think our team is strong enough and smart to do what it takes to get to our main goal in that’s getting to Peoria.” Quintin wasn’t inspired by anyone to keep playing the sport.  He said “It’s just the love for the game, I have to keep doing what I’m doing.”  Davis is undecided if he wants to go to college to play football or basketball. Quintin is getting looked at for both football and basketball. His basketball college is North Park, but he is getting several looks for football from Western Illinois, Winona, Winona State and Indianapolis. Davis has been playing basketball for 12 years.  His favorite team is the LA Lakers; he compares himself to Lebron James while going to the hole by using his strength, and to Kobe Bryant shooting-wise and in clutch shooting. During Quintin’s four years as a basketball player, he has always been a starter, but he says “freshman year was the best year for me.”

Lastly, is the Short, Guard Cornell Chi-Town Fort, Senior at Brookside Campus. Chi-town has been playing basketball for at least 10 years now. Fort’s favorite NBA team is the Chicago Bulls and he compares himself to Little Nate Robinson, by the shots he knocks down and he is quick to heat up. Chi-town says, “The season started out slow and rough but we got our heads together and turned our season around before it was too late.”

Cornell was inspired by his teammates to continue to play:  “They challenge me to improve myself and to get better, which was something I had to prove if I wanted to earn my spot.” Fort intends to play in college but doesn’t know where yet. Chi-town has gotten looks from CLC and Winnetka College. Fort says his first two years playing for Waukegan High School were fun, though junior year was a big struggle. Now he says, “Senior year I’m a lot better, so my team [can] count on me when the ball is in my hands”

Chi-town steppes up to play Defense on the Evanston Guard

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