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Hidden amongst the mainstream and the nothingness lives the underground scene, and in that scene lays… The Whales?   

This Waukegan punk band consists of three senior high school students: Xavier S.M. on bass/vocals (Brookside), Augusto Gomez on drums (Washington), Trevor Trevino guitar/vocals (Washington). The Whales? have been playing for roughly three years, but have gotten as far as getting an EP (extended play) out, and have been signed onto an art collective named OFFICE. Their EP album, titled “Low Bar”, consists of four roaring, adrenaline-based tracks. “We have the speed and the aggressiveness of punk, and the trippy, psychedelic loneliness,” commented Trevor. The band has played alongside local Waukegan bands such as Bhihari Beach, Les Biens, Evil Twin Sister, and has even played at Grayslake’s “The Oasis”. “The modern music industry is really falling out,” they shared on the topic of fame and fortune. “Fame is twerking [sic] and we don’t want to twerk [sic],” added Xavier. The band’s musical experience started in 2nd grade,  that included cello, guitar, and just stomping out a beat. The Whales? also claim full right to their original punk style, Tubepunk, as they explained the name of it, “Your head is going to feel like it’s inside a tube and is slowly being pulled across it.” Some influences on the band are Propagandhi, Bad Brains, Pink Floyd,  Screeching Weasel, and even Joy Division. To check out The Whales? music you can go online to or New material and gigs coming soon! Check it out!

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