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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Gum Chewing Banned and PEDs Censored

Starting next school year, there will be a lot of changes coming to Waukegan High School. First off, chewing gum in school will not be allowed. Many people have sent complaints to the Main Office claiming that they have sat in gum at least four times during the same class, or that they have touched gum under their desks. Gross, right? Principal Brian Riegler is tired of it.  He disclosed to me, a constant gum chewer, that I should learn to stop. Gum will be banned from the building, starting the first day of school 2013-14.

Also, WHS will get some new technology: near the door of each and every classroom, there will be a Mobile Device Censor (MDC). Since teachers are sick and tired of having to tell their students to put their PEDs (Personal Electronic Device) back in their bags or pockets, the MDCs will help them. Each MDC will be hooked up to the classroom computer.  It will detect phones or other electronic devices in use, triggering the MDC censor by the door to start flashing, then the monitor will show an image of the room with a flashing red dot pinpointing the exact location of the device(s) in use.

Students will have 3 seconds to turn off their PEDs before a current is sent by the computer to the phones that will shut them down completely.  Each phone’s owner will have to pay $30 to re-activate the phone. If there’s an MP3 involved, the House Office will be notified, and the device will be repossessed. The owner will have to pay $30 to reimburse the school for related expenses to get his/her MP3 back.  How fun does that sound?  The MDC will be small and a shade of tan. Look for it at school next year, and remember, keep your electronics in your pockets, and turned off!

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