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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Late Start Success

Everyone knows them and everyone looks forward to them: late starts, though most people don’t know that our Wednesday late starts have actually been just a test. Administrators have been monitoring school attendance during past late starts and found that more students have been attending class on time than predicted. As  students have adapted to the late starts, daily attendance has actually increased and teachers have found that they need to “sweep” fewer students in the hallways.

After nearly a year of successful late starts, District 60 has decided to launch an official version starting next school year. The official version consists of late starts every other Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is to let teachers perfect their skills and to learn new ones. One of these skills will be the ability to use the new attendance equipment that the school received earlier this year. With this, District 60 hopes for an improved learning environment for both students and teachers alike.

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