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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Graduation 2013 Preview

Seniors will be yelling “2015 heyy!” as they walk out of school and onto Weiss Field in May. The band will start to play the Harlem Shake tune as they strip off their caps and gowns and dance with only bathing suits on.  


Every senior will then yell once again: “Seniors, 20-15 heyy, heyy!”  The crowd will look shocked and say “20-15!?!  Then a limo with a small American flag will ride up and President Barack Obama will step out and walk very slowly to the stage. 

Our principal will announce, “Our President Barack Obama will be giving our students their diplomas.”  Then Mr. Obama will say, “Seniors, welcome to your last day as seniors!” and will start handing out diplomas.  Instead of shaking his hand, at least one girl will hug and kiss President Obama on the cheek. However, then another limo will ride up and this time it’s going to be Chris Brown with Rhianna. Chris will be wearing a jean jacket; cargo shorts (black), retro Jordan and his pyramid bear chain (gold). Rhianna will wear a jean jacket, jeans to match, and some Vans (Red). Chris Brown will perform a song (Don’t Judge Me) and then Rhianna will perform a song at the end (Cheers). The seniors will throw up their diplomas and yell, “Cheers to us! Yeah!”

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