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Soccer is so boring and difficult to understand. The part I don’t understand is why boys love soccer. I mean, what is the big deal?  It’s just a ball; it doesn’t have a special meaning. Another thing I don’t understand is the players get so happy when they lose — they are so happy that they even started crying and and fighting some more. The same thing happens when they win a game.
A question I have is, why fight over a ball, and not a girl?   What is so special about a ball that a girl doesn’t have?  Oh, I know the problem is that boys do not know the difference between a ball and a girl.  Well, it is easy to understand: a ball is an object that boys  love and some of them even sleep with one. It is an object that boys try to buy and collect. They spend thousands of dollars on them.  They even take them to school. That is a ball, and very complicated.  A girl, however, is a person that is so easy for boys to understand. Girls are never dramatic and they get ready in no time. some might say that they are faster than a spaceship. Oh, and one thing: you can forget about them without repercussions. They are so calm and never fight over boys. Girls are so perfect… Well, at least they don’t fight over a ball and don’t cry when they lose a soccer game.

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