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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Tweeting Limits

So Twitter is “in” right now, I guess. I’ve heard so many people complain about the “character limit.”  There is always someone tweeting about it.  Like okay, we get it. I’ve seen tweets like, “Nobody likes the 140 character limit,” or, “OMG I hate this limit I have to shorten words and then I just sound dumb.”

Yeah, lots of people hate it. Sometimes you need more that 140 characters to explain how you feel!  Everybody goes on social networks and talks about how their day went and how they hate someone and just things about their freaking life. Like nobody wants to know about your whole entire life. But you know everyone does it, and you know you do to! Some people just tweet the stupidest things ever and it’s just annoying.

Like come on, now you’re just lame okay.  Those people should have a ZERO character limit instead of 140. Just saying. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, so like oh my gosh guess what! They decided to change the character limit! Yeah you read that right. They’re making it longer. Now it’s going to be 280–yep 280!! I bet this will make a lot of twitter freaks happy. While others might be annoyed by it, who knows. But I mean if you’re annoyed by it, then why do you have a twitter?

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